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10 Ways to Look Good in a Bathing Suit Forever

If you think you look healthier with a tan, you’re fooling yourself.

Damaging rays can cause skin cancer and melanoma that can threaten your life.

Make sure you’ll be here to enjoy every summer to come by knowing the facts about what can put you at risk.

  1. Tanning beds, booths and sunlamps have been linked to skin cancers including melanoma.
  2. Dry T-shirts offer more protection than wet — and most T-shirts have SPF ratings below 15.
  3. The sun’s rays reach you on cloudy or hazy days and reflect off of water and sand.
  4. People with light complexions are more likely to sunburn and should use a broad-spectrum SPF 30+.
  5. If you have a family history of skin cancer, you’re more likely to develop it, so be sure to get checked.
  6. If you have freckles, or if your skin reddens or sunburns easily, you’re at greater risk for cancer.
  7. If you have blonde or red hair, or blue or green eyes, you’re more likely to develop skin cancer.
  8. If you work or play outdoors, you can reduce your risk of skin cancer by wearing SPF 30+ sunscreen.
  9. If you have a history of indoor tanning, you’re more prone to skin cancer and should see a dermatologist.
  10. If you had sunburns early in life, you’re more prone to skin cancer and should wear SPF 30+ sunscreen.