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Workplace Wellness

Healthier employees relate directly to better-functioning state agencies. AHL is actively promoting health equity and workplace wellness initiatives for Delaware state employees, with the goal of positively influencing workplace culture and policies as well as encouraging state employees to improve their health.

In line with this work, AHL is leading the development and implementation of a Workplace Wellness Policy for the state of Delaware’s executive branch agencies. The Workplace Wellness Policy will support the organizational capacity and implementation of health promotion activities by executive branch agencies and departments. Health topics addressed by the policy include healthy eating, physical activity, mental wellness, and lactation support, among several others. AHL is also developing a toolkit to support the implementation of individual workplace wellness initiatives. A workgroup with representatives from 18 state agencies, along with staff from the CDC Workplace Health Program, provided input to develop the policy and toolkit. The state aims to implement the Workplace Wellness Policy in 2022.



April 16, 2021

Resources offers a free toolkit of downloadable materials that promote workplace wellness and healthier habits among employees. Use these evidence-based tools to help build morale, increase physical activity, and reduce employee absenteeism — while also reducing health care costs.