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Governor’s Council on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Did you know that it is not only our own decisions that determine our health status, but it is also the environments in which we live, work, play and pray? Our friends, families, places of work and worship, our homes, and our neighborhoods all contribute to the eating and activity choices we make each day. We call this the socio-ecological model.

In 2010, Delaware’s Governor, Jack Markell, recognizing this impact on health, brought together an advisory council to identify best practices for promoting healthy lifestyle choices to Delawareans. Since then, the Council has been making recommendations on ways to improve the health of our population through enrichments to our neighborhoods, schools, and other community institutions and organizations.

Many have contributed to this outstanding effort and a lot has been accomplished.

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The Governor’s Council acknowledges those distinguished champions who have made an impact in their homes, workplaces, faith-based organizations, schools, and communities, creating healthier environments for themselves and others, by awarding the Governor’s Council on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.

If you know an individual or organization making a difference in your socio-ecological environment that should be recognized, submit a nomination on their behalf.

These tributes are made across seven different settings:

  • Individuals
  • Neighborhoods
  • Municipalities
  • Schools
  • Workplaces
  • Faith-Based Organizations
  • Parks/Trails

Recognition Process:

Upon submission, all applications will be reviewed by the Governor’s Council on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. Applicants will be chosen based on demonstrated efforts aimed at improving the overall health in its respective setting. Award recipients will be notified in writing and will receive formal recognition by the Governor’s Council on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention and may be featured in an article on Delaware Today. Each recipient will receive a commemorative tribute from the Governor’s office recognizing their activities.

Recognition Eligibility:

Recognition recipients must be Delaware residents or impacting and improving the health of fellow Delawareans.

Applying for Recognition:

To nominate an individual, organization, group or place, please complete the nomination form below. Applications for recognition can be submitted at any time.

Recognition Criteria Guidelines:

Individuals will be recognized for their demonstrated commitment and influence over improved health outcomes for themselves or for others. These individuals influence their environment by:

  • encouraging wellness as a way of life
  • advocating for interconnectivity by working with developers to ensure commercial areas are walkable and bikeable
  • participating in special events or programs (e.g. community action events that support positive health behaviors)
  • leading a committee integral to the betterment of the community’s health.

Neighborhoods are specific Subdivisions within the county in which it resides and will be recognized for efforts championing the health and well-being of residents.

  • dedicated resources that enable residents to be physically active, like play spaces, community pools, and ball fields and courts
  • demonstrated creativity to make it easier for people to live healthy lifestyles, such as by including sidewalks and trails to improve interconnectivity among and between neighborhoods and other destinations of interest

Municipalities will be recognized for efforts championing the health and well-being of residents. Any of these 57 incorporated communities can show a commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles by:

  • improving non-motorized transportation systems by designating bike lanes, installing bike racks, and constructing sidewalks
  • supporting farmers markets, farm stands and/or community supported agriculture
  • enacting ordinances or policies banning tobacco use

Schools will be recognized for efforts in creating and/or reinforcing healthy lifestyle opportunities for students and their families such as:

  • helping to establish sustainable healthy habits among residents in the surrounding community (e.g. opening up facilities to the public through joint-use agreements)
  • implementing programs, policies and practices that promote physical activity, nutrition and/or tobacco-free lifestyles (e.g. food pantries, Safe Routes to School)
  • considering the health needs of children and families in the school environment (e.g. hosting evening health and wellness fairs)

Workplaces will be recognized for demonstrating efforts such as:

  • addressing policies and practices related to best practices for promoting healthy eating, physical activity and tobacco cessation (e.g. healthy procurement policies for cafeteria, policies banning tobacco use)
  • providing support for its workforce through worksite wellness programs that incorporate on-site bike racks, healthy vending options, and sponsorship of special events, programs or classes

Faith-Based Organizations will be recognized for their efforts in providing support to members and opportunities for improved health in their environment such as:

  • transforming neighborhoods
  • engaging and encouraging community members to take action
  • promoting healthy choices
  • contributing resources
  • partnering with other community entities
  • initiating, expanding and coordinating increased physical activity and improved nutrition through sponsored special events, classes or programs

Parks and trails will be recognized for efforts known to influence healthy behaviors such as promoting, planning and/or implementing opportunities for increased access to physical activity and improved nutrition, committing to infrastructure, policies, design, safety and resources that support healthy behaviors. Examples may include, pathways of hardened or multi-use surfaces that are separated from roadways but provide inter-connectivity; off-road trails that provide safe recreation or alternative transportation opportunities.

Nomination Form:

Nomination form

Information about you:

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Please provide the name of the person, organization, group, place, or both, if appropriate:

If nominating an individual, please provide a contact phone number or an email address:

Upload a picture of the person, place or organization.

Tell us in 250 words or less how this individual, group, or setting has advanced the purpose of the Governor’s Council on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention by improving the health or well-being of themselves and/or others around them. How have they been a champion for healthy eating, physical activity, and tobacco-free lifestyles or improved the overall health of their environment?

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