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Get help to pay for cancer treatment for up to two years.

You’re dealing with so much — we can pay for treatment when you can’t.

We understand that fighting cancer is going to be the sole focus of your life for many months and possibly even years.

The Delaware Cancer Treatment Program was created to help those who can’t afford treatment get the help they need to pay for it. There are also Cancer Care Coordinators available statewide to help guide you through treatment, take care of scheduling, and so much more.


See and hear how the Delaware Cancer Treatment Program helped Carma get the care she needed at a challenging time in her life.


This program may be available to Delaware residents who:

  • Were residents of Delaware when diagnosed with cancer
  • Were diagnosed with cancer on or after July 1, 2004
  • Have no comprehensive health insurance or whose maximum out-of-pocket expenses exceed 15% of income (does not include premiums)
  • Do not receive benefits through the Medicaid breast and cervical cancer treatment programs
  • Meets income guidelines (up to 650% of the federal poverty level) and meets other requirements as outlined in the Delaware Code of Regulations
  • Are not eligible for health insurance

Call 1-844-245-9580 to apply, or 2-1-1 toll-free for more information.

Delaware Cancer Treatment Program Application

Delaware Cancer Treatment Program Application


Solicitud del programa de tratamiento de cáncer de Delaware

Solicitud del programa de tratamiento de cáncer de Delaware