Staying active can be easier, and more fun, than you think.

Exercise and/or physical activity are critical to safely managing your diabetes and living longer. If you're not active, it's likely that you have at least one barrier or reason why. Perhaps you've never been very active. Or you think you don’t have the time. Maybe you're afraid that your blood glucose level will drop.

Think about what is keeping you from being active and then check out some of the American Diabetes Association’s solutions to the 15 most common barriers to physical activity. We’ll bet there’s a solution for you. View them here .

Exercise should not only be enjoyable but also be injury-free. Be sure to discuss any exercise or activities you have in mind with your healthcare provider before you begin. The American Diabetes Association website offers 11 quick safety tips for you, here . And for ADA recommendations on simple exercises you can start out with, click here .

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Make healthy living your daily destination. Our wellness map will show you where you can find fresh local produce at farmers’ markets close to where you live. It also includes local fitness centers and parks.


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Focus on Cancer Awareness

Cancer is a scary word. In today’s world, almost everyone knows someone who has been affected by this terrible disease. In addition to being physically active and eating healthy, there is something else you can do to keep yourself healthy: get screened.

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