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Living life “in the moment” can improve your quality of life.

When you focus your attention, you can eliminate the crowding in your mind that causes stress. Mindfulness techniques can help to improve your mental and physical well-being.

Mother and daughter meditating to promote healthy living


What is mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness meditation helps you:

  • Focus awareness on what’s happening in the present moment
  • Direct awareness to your breath, thoughts, and physical sensations
  • Observe without judgement, to let emotional reactions go

Mindfulness works by:

  • Influencing stress pathways in the brain
  • Changing brain activity associated with attention and emotion regulation

How to incorporate mindfulness into daily life:

There are several methods of practicing mindfulness that incorporate exercises:

  • Breath — focus on your breathing.
  • Body scan — lie with your back on the floor or bed, close your eyes, and move awareness through your body one area at a time.
  • Object meditation — hold an object of special interest and focus all your senses on it.
  • Mindful eating — focus on eating a particular food, like a raisin, and eat slowly, using all your senses.
  • Walking meditation — walk leisurely and observe your body sensations as you walk.
  • Mindful stretching — use any set of stretches you like.

What are the benefits of practicing mindfulness?

  • Fewer negative thoughts or unhelpful emotional reactions in time of stress
  • Better focus on the present
  • Fewer worries

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