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Lacking Time? Here’s How to Sneak More Fitness into Your Day

Time is often listed as the most significant barrier to being physically active. Between work, time with family and friends, having a social life, maintaining a house, and everything in between, finding time to be active can be extremely difficult. However, if you’re resourceful, you can find nontraditional ways to incorporate more fitness into your daily routine, without a visit to the gym.

  • Take the long way. Next time you have the choice between the stairs and the elevator, take the stairs. Stopping at the store on your way home? Park a bit farther away this time. On the bus to work? Get off a stop or two earlier than you normally would. Every step adds up!
  • Turn TV time into active time. Position a treadmill or stationary bike in your living room so that you have the ability to watch and work out. Clear the floor space for crunches, leg lifts, or yoga.
  • Live in a small town or city? Grab your walking shoes in the morning and take a brisk walk while you do your errands at lunchtime. Walk to the bank, to the market, and back to work. You’ll get in those needed steps, while also grabbing some fresh air. And a daytime workout can also help clear up your busy evenings!
  • Avoid the phone. Next time you have to contact someone at work, take the extra minute to get up and walk to them, rather than calling them from your desk.
  • Housework. Who doesn’t dread doing endless amounts housework? Cross two things off your list by adding vigor to your typical chores. Quickly sweep or vacuum the house, use a push mower on the lawn, wash the car by hand, or skip hiring the landscaper this year.

With a little creativity and imagination, you can increase your physical activity levels by just slightly tweaking what you do during a normal week. Having trouble getting started? We’ve outlined seven manageable first steps to help you take control of your health and well-being. Read the steps here!