Healthier employees make your business more productive.

You depend on the people who work for your business to be there for you. Health care is not a simple matter for most employers.

You may not be able to offer health insurance to your employees. You may have part-time employees who aren’t eligible for health insurance. You also may have employees who are fighting cancer and need help with treatment. We offer programs and services that can help your employees stay well and even fight cancer if they were diagnosed when they didn’t have health insurance.

Diabetes prevention and treatment tools:

Worksite Health ScoreCard

The CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard (HSC) is an online tool designed to help employers assess whether they have implemented evidence-based health promotion interventions or strategies in their worksites to prevent heart disease, stroke, and related conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. Learn more about it and how to use it .

The staggering cost of diabetes to U.S. employers

The American Diabetes Association recently reported the U.S. economic impact of diabetes to be $245 billion, including $69 billion in reduced productivity.

See how diabetes affects the workplace in terms of absenteeism, hospitalization, employer insurance plan costs and other key criteria.

Read the report

Screening for Life

Screenings for breast, cervical, colon, lung, and prostate cancer available to your employees who are Delaware residents and who:

  • Are a Delaware resident.
  • Have health insurance that doesn’t cover cancer screenings.
  • Are age 18 to 64 and are not eligible for Medicaid.
  • Are age 65 and older and do not qualify for Medicare.
  • Meet the income guidelines.
  • Are not eligible for health insurance.



or 2-1-1

for more information

Health Insurance Marketplace

The health exchange program for Delaware offers information about how to apply for insurance and answers frequently asked questions. Details at

Health Care Connection

Health Care Connection is a network of doctors who see patients at a discounted rate based upon income. If your employees are uninsured, are ineligible for medical assistance programs like Medicaid or Medicare and meet income guidelines, Health Care Connection could be right for them.



or 2-1-1

for more information

Delaware Cancer Treatment Program

If your employees have been diagnosed with cancer and don’t have insurance, we can provide treatment for them. Their treatment could be free for up to 24 months. The program is available to your employees who are Delaware residents and who:

The programs and services in Delaware include:

  • Were residents of Delaware when diagnosed with cancer.
  • Were diagnosed with cancer on or after July 1, 2004.
  • Have no comprehensive health insurance.
  • Do not receive benefits through the Medicaid breast and cervical cancer treatment programs.
  • Meet income guidelines (up to 650 percent of the Federal Poverty Level).



or 2-1-1

for more information

Tobacco Cessation

We offer two ways for your patients to quit smoking. Both programs are free to Delaware residents age 18 and older:

  • The Delaware Quitline—When your employees call 1-866-409-1858, toll-free, they will get help from people trained in helping tobacco users learn what they must do to quit. They will work with counselors in person or on the phone and get follow-up support and hints and tips along the way. They may also be eligible for free cessation medications such as nicotine patches and gum.
  • Quit Support online—By visiting, your employees will have the flexibility of accessing online cessation help when its convenient for them.

To quit smoking, call the Delaware Quitline


or visit

Wellness Programs

The Delaware Coalition for Healthy Eating and Active Living (DE HEAL) is made up of a network of partners and members who care about improving the health of Delawareans by promoting good nutrition and increasing physical activity. You can download an Employee Wellness Toolkit that will help you increase productivity and decrease costs for your business in seven easy steps.

DE HEAL - Delaware Coalition for Healthy Eating and Active Living
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