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Focus on Diabetes and Cancer

Diabetes is riskier than you think.

Eating healthy and taking care of yourself is more important than ever. Research conducted by the American Cancer Society shows that Type 2 diabetes is linked to certain types of cancer. Managing your health and getting screened for diabetes and cancer can help you avoid complications down the road. Learn more about the link between diabetes and cancer.

There are many factors that increase your risk of Type 2 diabetes and cancer, such as family history, age, and race. However, obesity, poor diet, and physical inactivity are some of the primary risk factors. The good news is that these behaviors can be managed.

Whether you have insurance or not, a nurse navigator can schedule a diabetes or cancer screening for you. He or she can also help you prepare for your screening and understand your results. If you have diabetes, learn how you can help yourself — at aDiabetes Self-Management Program class conveniently located throughout Delaware.  Click here for help with scheduling screenings or to find a diabetes self-management class near you.

What else can you do?

Upcoming event:

You can also learn more about diabetes, nutrition, exercise, and related health issues at the 16th Annual Delaware Diabetes Wellness EXPO 2017.