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Community Capacity Building

Engaging community partners is key to long-term, sustainable health and wellness outcomes. In 2021, AHL supported and strengthened the capacity of three community partners: American Lung Association, University of Delaware–Cooperative Extension, and Delaware State University. These partners received financial support to implement their health promotion models, as well as intensive technical assistance to support planning, implementation, and evaluation of their programs. So far, the community partners have developed an action plan, a theory of change, and a plan for data collection and reporting.

There were three community-based interventions in the planning and implementation stages in 2021.

  • The American Lung Association is implementing staff and student training and supporting policy changes in schools that promote lung health and physical activity among students with asthma.
  • The University of Delaware–Cooperative Extension is implementing a program that connects food producers, retailers, and communities to expand access to healthy foods.
  • Delaware State University is implementing a physical activity program for children with developmental disabilities, paired with a nutrition education program for their parents.