Cancer Risk Reduction

The fact that most lung cancers are preventable is a widely accepted fact. The tragic statistic that supports it comes from the American Lung Association—87% of all lung cancers are caused by smoking.

In Delaware, we have implemented programs to help everyone understand the immense toll smoking can take on the health of individuals who smoke or are exposed to smoke. We have initiated cessation programs. We’ve worked to pass landmark legislation such as the Clean Indoor Air Act. We’ve worked directly with schools and community organizations to encourage adults and kids to never start smoking. We’ve asked doctors to urge their patients to stop using tobacco. We also offer medications, such as nicotine patches and gum, to individuals to help them quit.

The results are encouraging

  • 21% of public high school students say they smoked cigarettes during the past month down from 35% in 1997.
  • 55.5% of smokers tried to quit smoking for at least a day or more during the past year.
  • 70.2% of adult smokers reported that their doctor or health care provider advised them to quit smoking in the past year.
  • Only one in every five Delawareans smokes.

But there is still more to do

  • Our tobacco excise tax must be increased so that it is at least comparable to that of neighboring states.
  • Factors that affect cancer such as obesity must become a priority in both education and program implementation. Recent studies show that these factors cause 14% of the deaths from cancer in men and 20% of the deaths in women, Particularly in cancers of the colon, breast (postmenopausal), endometrium (the lining of the uterus, kidney, esophagus, gallbladder, ovaries and pancreas.
  • Employers must be encouraged to fund programs to help people stop using tobacco and to become partners in existing programs that have been successful.
  • Educating adults about the damaging effects of secondhand smoke on those least able to control their environment, children under the age of 18, could make a significant impact.



Patricia Hoge, PhD

Bethany Hall-Long, RNC, PhD

Support Staff:

Lisa Moore

Heather Brown

  • Barbara Barski-Carrow
  • Deborah P. Brown, CHES
  • Cynthia Canevari
  • Marianne Carter
  • Jeanne Chiquoine
  • Teri Clifton
  • Pat Eddleman
  • Suchitra Hiraesave
  • Cathy Scott-Holloway
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  • Nicole Pickles
  • Janet Teixeira

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