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We can help your patients living with cancer on their journey to wellness.

Understanding and recognizing fears of recurrence, dealing with stress, improving eating and exercise behaviors, and quitting smoking are all keys to helping cancer survivors lead healthier lives. We offer programs and resources that can help them learn what they can do to thrive.

A woman Doctor comforting a female cancer patient.


Cancer Survivorship Information for Patients

A happy woman cancer survivor living a healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle Advice for Cancer Survivors

Patients can access information on how to change behaviors and live healthier. Connections to dozens of resources are also offered, from quit smoking programs to national cancer survivorship support.

Cancer survivorship
Elderly man reading the Cancer Survivor Resource Guide.

Cancer Survivor Resource Guide

This guide was created to help patients improve their physical and emotional health, and find the information they need to stay healthy and live well. Copies may also be ordered to have available in your practice office.



Cancer Survivorship Information for Primary Care Providers

A male doctor explaining the American Cancer Society Survivorship Care Guidelines

American Cancer Society Survivorship Care Guidelines

These evidence- and consensus-based cancer survivorship care guidelines help primary care and other clinicians provide high-quality, comprehensive, coordinated clinical follow-up care.

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