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Stay healthy for life.

To stay healthy, you need guidance and support. You’ll find both from a primary care provider and an insurance plan that not only covers you when you’re sick, but also helps you stay well.

Nurse taking the blood pressure of a female patient

Getting a provider

A primary care provider is your partner in health.

Helping you get through life, your health care provider understands you. He or she:

  • Recognizes the different stages your body goes through as you get older
  • Knows your family’s health history and can provide tests to find any health problems you may inherit
  • Treats you for just about anything, from a sinus infection to a minor injury
  • Helps you find a specialist if you need special care
  • Gives you a “medical home” that keeps all your medical records in one place
  • Coordinates everything from routine screenings to flu shots to medications

Health Insurance

Health insurance is your wellness security blanket.

It protects you by offering coverage for the costs associated with keeping you well, including:

  • Everyday checkups and screenings
  • Treatments for chronic diseases
  • Coverage for major health events — such as broken bones and emergency surgeries

You can get health insurance a number of ways.

Health insurance is available through:

  • Commercial insurance plans offered by employers.
  • The Health Insurance Marketplace a health insurance exchange where insurance companies offer coverage for essential health benefits, even for preexisting conditions.
  • Health Care Connection (HCC) a network of providers who see patients at a discounted rate based on income, for those who are ineligible for medical assistance programs.