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Advisory Council

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The Delaware Cancer Consortium (DCC) continues to be a voice and force for change in our state.

The Council’s role

The advisory council, consisting of 15 members appointed by the governor, was established in 2001 to advise the governor and legislature on the causes of cancer incidence and mortality and on potential methods to reduce both. Building on past successes, our permanent council is staying focused on the goal of reducing cancer incidence and mortality in Delaware. Holistically, our role is to guide and support the work the DCC does, serving as a leader and resource. We have recently streamlined our committees’ structure to more efficiently tackle all of the cancer-burden issues that challenge us.

Our efforts to change the cancer statistics in Delaware have made history. Our cancer incidence and mortality rates continue to drop annually. In the 1990s, we were ranked second in the United States in cancer mortality. Now, we’ve dropped to 16th. In the coming years, we look forward to seeing even more progress. Preventing cancer and diagnosing it at earlier stages can make a difference. Lifestyle changes, screening, and education about both are current and future items on our to-do list. A healthier Delaware is possible when we all work together.


  • Chairperson:

    Kathleen B. Connolly

  • Vice-Chair:

    James Spellman, MD, FACS, FSSO

  • Stephen Grubbs, MD
  • The Honorable Bethany Hall-Long, RNC, PhD, Lt. Governor
  • Senator Eric Buckson
  • Deborah P. Brown, CHES
  • Representative Kendra Johnson
  • Meg Maley, RN, BSN
  • Nicholas Petrelli, MD
  • Senator Marie Pinkney
  • Tim Ratsep
  • Rishi Sawhney, MD
  • Representative Valerie Jones-Giltner
  • Awele Maduka-Ezeh, MD, MPH, PHD, CCHP
  • Natalie Criscenzo

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