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Mini-Grant Awards

FY 2024: The Division of Public Health’s (DPH) Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Obesity (PANO) Prevention Program seeks to support community programs through the Advancing Healthy Lifestyles (AHL) Initiative. PANO, positioned within the Health Promotion Bureau, invites community partners to apply for mini-grants that align with PANO’s goals of improving health and reducing chronic disease through the application of policy, systems, and environmental approaches. Grants will be in the range of $5,000 to $15,000, and the anticipated project period is September 2023 through May 2024. All applications will be reviewed by a committee and scored using a rubric. We anticipate funding approximately five to eight applications, depending on the quality, size, and number of requests.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware

Aims to address food access and insecurity, hopes to coordinate community events, establish a produce stand, and enhance youth education in agriculture and nutrition.

Westside Family Healthcare

Intends to implement an off-road program as an extension of Feeding Families initiative. This program would assist families in transitioning out of FF while ensuring access to healthy foods and sustaining their newfound healthy eating habits.

La Red Health Center

Intends to enhance access to healthy food, physical activity, and address food insecurity for prenatal/pediatric patients and mothers through distributing CSA produce shares and providing pregnancy nutrition classes and martial arts sessions.

Delaware State University (DSU)

Aims to establish and assess programming focused on physical activity and nutrition for DSU students to deliver educational resources that empower students to make informed and healthier lifestyle choices.

Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition

Intends to fund their hybrid health education program targeting individuals at risk for certain chronic diseases. It aims to increase physical activity and nutritional knowledge.

4H Delaware Cooperative Extension

Intends to increase chronic disease prevention and population health by continuing physical activity initiatives including walking clubs, plogging, and virtual youth fitness curricula.

Inner City Cultural League

Aims to continue existing imitative to decrease obesity and chronic diseases which includes conducting physical activity classes, maintaining a robotic garden, and actively involving participants in education focused on nutrition and agriculture.

FY 2023: The Delaware Division of Public Health’s (DPH) Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Obesity (PANO) Prevention Program is pleased to announce that it has awarded eight mini-grants to community partners under the Advancing Healthy Lifestyles (AHL) initiative. The purpose of the mini-grant program is to support Delaware community partner organizations with projects that improve community health and reduce chronic conditions through policy, systems, and environmental (PSE) approaches, using a health-equity lens. These eight mini-grant recipients were selected from a large pool of applicants as part of the first AHL mini-grant proposal cycle. Read about the great work that the newest AHL community partners are engaging in!

4-H Cooperative Extension

Promote physical activity in schools, the community, and the workplace, including Walk with Ease, Walk Across Delaware, Walking Through the Holidays, and “plogging.”

Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware

Enhance the educational opportunities of their mini-farm and food education/nutrition programs, as well as enhance their partnerships with local organizations.

City of Newark

Construct a second community garden to foster community and a healthy lifestyle.

Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition

Support a free 12-week free health education program that is open to the public. It focuses on individuals at risk for chronic disease, including breast cancer, aiming to increase physical activity and nutritional knowledge.

Delaware Greenways

Develop, distribute, and promote an updated and culturally relevant map of the Jack A. Markell Trail (digital and print).

Inner City Cultural League

Support a robotic garden, nutrition education, and promoting physical activity.

Worship Christian Center

Implement a healthy food and nutrition initiative that includes food preparation/nutrition classes and a walking club.

YMCA of Delaware

Recruit participants for the LEAN program, which includes education and exercise for those struggling to maintain a healthy weight.

Mini-Grant Initiative Webinar

This previously recorded webinar offers an overview of the application process for the AHL initiative of Delaware’s Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Obesity (PANO) program. Goals, requirements, a timeline and how to apply are all covered in this 28-minute webinar. The AHL initiative is one of the ways PANO is working to improve health outcomes and health equity in schools, communities and workplaces.



July 28, 2022