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Three Ways to Get Healthy and Active

You’ve made the commitment to get fit and live a healthier life. Now what? Aside from adjusting your diet to include more nutritious food and less junk, the key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is sticking to a regimented exercise routine.

You can add these exercises into your daily routine, whether you’re a beginner or a little more advanced. Just remember to take it easy at first—overexerting yourself can do more harm than good.


Walking is the number-one exercise recommended by not only the American Heart Association, but also the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health. It’s a low-cost, low-impact aerobic exercise that you can do almost anywhere. Visit our Healthy Lifestyle Mapto see a list of Delaware State Parks near you and get walking!

Exercise ball workouts

Engaging your abdominal muscles is extremely important when you’re trying to lose weight, especially because visceral fat—aka ab fat—is extra dangerous to heart health. To perform proper abdominal crunches, lay with your back on the floor and set both ankles on top of the ball. Lift upward with your core and both arms behind your head. Start slowly with three to five a day.

Group exercise classes

Not only can group classes be a lot of fun, but they also give you an opportunity to work with people just like you toward a common goal. You will have access to a whole new support system and an experienced instructor who is there to encourage you and teach you the right techniques to improving your performance. There are courses for whatever piques your interest, whether it’s Pilates, Zumba or yoga. Check out our Healthy Lifestyle Map for a list of fitness centers in Delaware.