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Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years.

While you’ve probably heard of it, have you ever tried it? According to the Mayo Clinic, meditation is a type of mind-body practice, that produces a deep state of relaxation, significantly helping with stress reduction.

If you are feeling tense, anxious, stressed or worried during this uncertain time, spending a few minutes meditating can help reduce these feelings and restore a feeling of calm. The best part about meditation, is anyone can do it. It’s free, requires no equipment, and can be done absolutely wherever you are. Whether you’re at work, at home, or waiting at a doctor’s office, take a few minutes to reconnect and destress.

During the practice of meditation, your attention is extremely focused, causing your mind and body to realign and find calmness. There are many different types of meditation include guided meditation, mindfulness meditation, and yoga. Each type helps you achieve overall inner peace and relaxation. Some meditation practices that you can try everyday include:

  • Deep breathing exercises: Try spending ten seconds to take a deep breathe in, and ten seconds to take a deep breath out. Repeat ten times.
  • Body scanning: Focus your attention on different and specific parts of your body, while practicing deep breathing. Be aware of the sensations, whether its tension, warmth, or relaxation.
  • Walk and meditate: Take an intentional walk and slow your pace to focus on the movement of your legs and feet. Concentrate as you lift your legs and feet and place them back on the ground.
  • Read and reflect: Spend a few minutes reading a short book or poem and reflect on the meaning of the readings. Listening to relaxing music or writing your thoughts can also be beneficial.

Practicing meditation can help reduce overall stress, and some research also suggests it can reduce the symptoms of cancer, chronic pain, depression, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

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