The Importance of Getting Your Kids Vaccinated for HPV

Almost all cervical cancers are caused by — you guessed it — HPV infections. Approximately 14 million people are infected with HPV each year. Most people don’t even know they are infected. And HPV can lead to cancer. But you can take a preemptive strike to protect against cervical and many other related cancers.

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Cervical Cancer: Catch it Early

Simple screenings catch the problem before it develops. Cervical cancer was once one of the most common causes of cancer deaths for American women. But in the past 30 years, the cervical cancer death rate has been cut by more than half. Experts credit this improvement to increased usage of the Pap test, a simple screening that helps identify changes in cervical cells that can lead to cancer, and also helps identify cervical cancer in its earliest, most curable stages. When caught early, cervical cancer is highly curable — and sometimes, it can be prevented from occurring at all.

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